Termite Treatment

Keeping Your Timber Structures Safe With Our Termite Treatment

Few things can dismantle and consume wood like a termite, which can only mean bad news for modern timber structures. They slowly devour the wood and infest and destroy any sign of wood over a short period.

In nature, termites play a pivotal role in removing deadfall and other woody objects from forest or woodland floors, thereby clearing vegetation and preventing the spread of wildfires. Although beneficial to nature, termites can wreak havoc on your property, home, or business premises by compromising the structural integrity of your timber frames and foundations. When an infestation is present, it might not take long before your structures are unsafe to occupy, as termites can compromise the strength of the timber and, ultimately, the building. Luckily, you can have us take care of your termite problem with termite treatment.

Why is Termite Control So Difficult?

Termites prefer to live in subterranean spaces, usually hidden from sight and difficult to locate. Due to their livelihoods relying on wood, termites tend to live within the timber and use these structures as their homes and primary food source. It is impossible for someone who does not have the experience of our knowledgeable teams to realise that they have a termite infestation. Termite treatment in Townsville can become problematic when you have:

  • Improper equipment and tools. Even if you are a carpenter, you might not have the equipment to deal with your termite infestation efficiently. Although an axe could get into almost anything, it is not necessarily a good idea for you or your home’s safety. By using premium equipment, we can do our jobs with ease and precision without causing further damage to your property.
  • A lack of experience. If you ever attempt to get rid of your own termite infestation, you are in for a surprise. Termites are tricky creatures and will defend their homes ferociously. Unless you plan on getting a flamethrower, we think it’s best you leave the termite control to us.
  • No idea of the degree of infestation. Because termites like to travel around and look for new possible homes, these creatures can set up shop in several places on your property without your knowledge. Large scale infestations require immediate action, as termites can corrode timber structures at incredible rates.

What Does a Termite Inspection Involve?

For example, pest control takes on a different strategy than ant removal when dealing with termites. Due to their homes consisting of wood, you should approach termite infestations with caution and consideration, being sure not to do more damage than the insects already have. When we assess your property, we are sure to include:

  • Inspection of all timber roofs, foundations and structures. By conducting a thorough investigation across your entire property, we can estimate what we need to do, how long the process will take and give you an accurate estimation. We understand that people have things to do, and for that reason, we try and work as quickly as possible.
  • Location of infestation. Once we locate the areas where the infestation is most prominent, we can expand our search efforts to other parts of your property. A common mistake people make is not clearing an infestation out entirely, leading to resurgences and further damage to your property.
  • Assessment of damage on structures. After completing your termite inspection in Townsville, we can give you an overview of which structures need maintenance or replacement, depending on the scales of damage. If you think that your property might have an infestation, reach out to us before it gets out of hand so that we can save you valuable time and money.

When Are Our Termite Control Services Applicable?

We do not limit our services to specific industries or properties, as each job is equally important. Whether you‘re a homeowner or manage a business, we can provide our termite eradication services. We seek to educate our clients to give you a better idea of how we perform our duties and to include you in each project. By maintaining a direct stream of communication, we can inform you of any progress or problem along the way. We invite you to reach out in the following cases:

  • When your property predominantly consists of timber. Large timber structures such as homes, sheds or storage buildings are prime targets for termites and can become overrun in days. Larger structures should undergo regular assessment as termites can negatively influence the safety of your facilities and the people within.
  • When you notice visible damage on your timber structures. One of the first signs of termite damage appears in the form of tiny holes in your timber structures, which indicate that there were or currently are termites living inside. You can attempt to perform small-scale termite pest control independently but preferably leave it to the professionals.
  • Your business relies on being open. We know that your business should stay open for as long as possible, as this is the only way of paying the bills. We should be your first call when pests such as termites implicate your daily processes. Our teams work with precision and speed to keep our local business open and thriving.

About Maca’s Pest Control

Operating as a local business, we understand our client’s challenges and how we can mediate pest issues. Over the years, we have been one of Townsville’s go-to termite control companies for several reasons. Because we are adept at dealing with all pests, including ants, cockroaches, and rodents, we have garnered invaluable knowledge and experience in our industry.

By doing things in our own way, we can better ensure that our services put an end to pesky pests while saving our customers time and effort. We believe that because we form part of the community, we have an obligation to our customers and the well-being of their properties. If we can help to ensure that pests do not influence your day-to-day life, we consciously support our local community.

When looking for a company in Townsville that takes termite pest control seriously, be sure to reach out to us today, and have our technicians assess your needs. Contact us now for a free quote or more information on our other service offerings.

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