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What to Do When You Need Rodent Control

Are you having trouble with rats or mice? No one wants to find out they have rats in their roofs or mice in their walls, but unfortunately, rodent infestations are very common, especially in winter and autumn. Rodents can cause many problems in a house or office and shouldn’t be left for long.

Many try to remove a rat or mouse by themselves, but chances are, for every rat you see, there are ten you don’t! If you have seen rodents in your house, it may indicate that you have an infestation.

We recommend you give Maca’s Pest Control a call. We are qualified pest technicians who provide rodent control to any in need.

Signs That You Need Rat Control

How can you know you have a mouse or rat problem? Maybe you have some suspicions, but you’re not sure. There are many ways to tell if your home has unwelcome residents. Here are some indications that you may have a rodent infestation:

  • Seeing is believing: If you see a rat in your home or workplace, it is, unfortunately, a clear indication of an infestation. Rats are social animals and usually live in colonies. Rats are typically active at night, so if you see them during the day, their nest is overpopulated and is cause for concern. You may also see rat droppings near your food supplies or in drawers and cupboards. This is also an indication of a colony living nearby.
  • Chew marks: Rats and mice gnaw anything from furniture, walls, baseboards to electrical wires. They may also chew holes in walls to create new entry points into your home. If you see any of these signs, or if your food packets and containers have been chewed open, this might be a sign that you need a mice exterminator.
  • Pets: Sometimes cats bring mice into homes; other times, you may see strange behaviour from your pets. A rat infestation usually comes with a musky odour which causes dogs and cats to sniff or scratch around the area. Please take note of this area; it may be valuable information when the technician arrives at your home.
  • Scratching noises: If there are rats or mice in your roof space, you will most likely hear scratching or scurrying noises at night in the attic or ceiling. This may mean several different things, but it is worth getting it checked out to determine if there is a growing rat colony.

Why Rat Removal Is Urgent

Rats and mice can cause much damage to your home or office. Leaving them unattended is not recommended, as their population will only increase and lead to more problems. It’s imperative that you get rid of the rats or mice as soon as possible.

Below are some problems that rodents cause:

  • Health risk: Rodents are infamous for carrying diseases. They are unsanitary animals and transmit diseases. Apart from this, they also bring ticks and fleas into the house. The most common way humans contract diseases from rats is by eating food that rat droppings have contaminated.
  • Fire hazard: Electrical fires can be caused by many factors, one of which is rodents chewing on electrical wires. Mice and rats chew on any soft materials they find, including the wiring in roofs and walls. Frayed wires are hazardous and often cause fires in homes and offices. This is a major reason to contact rat pest control promptly.
  • Structural damage: Rodents cause damage to our homes in many ways. They gnaw soft woods, paper, furniture and even books. Often, they will use this material for nest-building, which they build in attics, lofts, under eaves, and even in cars and furniture. The worst part is that they are constantly reproducing, and their babies soon join them in the gnawing and nest-building.
  • Food contamination: Rodents are notorious for their sense of smell and ability to access food stores. All food that rodents have contaminated should be thrown out, which can be very expensive. Where there is a food source, rats and mice will access it. Hiding our food is not an option; instead, contact a mouse exterminator.

What Actually Happens in Rodent Pest Control?

In the past, rodent control was done through poisonous materials and inhumane methods. You may find many DIY solutions for rat control, but we ask that you rather leave it to us. We have the equipment, the experience, and the training to handle the elimination of rats and mice safely and humanely.

Below are the general steps followed during rodent extermination.

  • Inspection: First and foremost, we want to investigate the nature and size of the problem at hand. Our technicians are trained to identify all types of pests and determine how best to handle each situation. Inspections also identify where rodents congregate and their entry points into the house or office.
  • Exclusion: The next step is to remove anything that could attract rats or mice, such as food sources, water, leaking pipes, and open trash or compost containers. In this stage, the entry points will also be blocked, and all small holes will be closed up so that if their nest is outside the home, they won’t be able to enter the house anymore.
  • Elimination: The control of rodents will be achieved by installing lockable/ tamper proof rodent stations in designated areas. These bait stations may take a few weeks to lure the rodents, as they are naturally very cautious animals. Maca’s Pest Control assures that only accredited chemicals and up-to-date equipment are used in our extermination.
  • Cleaning up: Rats and mice usually leave a mess of urine and faecal matter that can be infected with disease. We advise that these areas are adequately ventilated and cleaned up using the proper equipment.
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