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We are a locally owned and operated, family business. Our prices are affordable and our treatments are guaranteed! Free Quotes. We employ locals and we support local business. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and results.

Owner operator, James McArthur provides exceptional customer service, quality pest control treatments, accurate advice and knowledge to all customers.

Technicians are fully licenced. We use only accredited chemicals and all the latest up to date equipment.

Pest Control Services

Effective Pest Control Services

It is not necessary to despair if your kitchen is being overrun by cockroaches or if the library is being eaten by silverfish. Professional pest exterminators are the answer to your problems. Maca’s Pest Control provides superior pest control services that will quickly and effectively rid homes, offices and shops of pests and vermin.

The Benefits of Townsville Pest Control Services

There are many options when a home, an office or a shop becomes infested with mice, cockroaches or spiders. A DIY approach can be effective during the initial phase of infestation, but once the problem has settled in, you will need professional help. Maca’s Pest Control is the premier pest inspection and control technicians in Townsville for these reasons:

  • Safety. We only use proven and accredited chemicals and techniques that pose a low health risk to clients and their families. Safety data sheets are available on request for all chemicals and poisons used during domestic pest control to eliminate the risk of infestation of pests from homes, offices or workshops.
  • Informed clients. We always follow protocols regarding toxicity periods, which we discuss with clients before treating the premises.
  • Guarantee. We are so certain of the results that we offer a guarantee on our work. The duration of the guarantee depends on the pest and the chemicals or poisons used, as it is also an accurate indication of the interval to keep the premises free from that specific pest. Common intervals are every three, six and 12 months.

A Pest Control Service for Common Vermin

There is a long list of pests that can invade Australian homes and offices, and it is, therefore, essential to always recognise the signs of an infestation and to promptly respond by initiating general pest control measures. Here are the most common infestations:

  • Cockroaches. We encounter many species of cockroaches in homes and offices, and all but one is an introduced invader species. The diversity of environments in which the various species can thrive makes it difficult to assume that a home is free of cockroaches. We control them by treating the prominent breeding sites with suitable chemicals and also by creating a barrier around the house to prevent re-infestation within a certain period.
  • Ants. There are over 4 000 ant species in Australia, but we regularly encounter the seven introduced species in homes, including the infamous Argentine ant. Several strategies are effective against ants, including spraying, baits and dust. It is recommended to always use professional exterminators when dealing with ants because each species responds differently to basic control measures.
  • Rodents. Every few years, the regular mice plague that strikes our agricultural resources also affects homes, storage facilities, and supermarkets. Getting rid of rats and mice is commonly done using baiting stations filled with poison.
  • Termites. Most of the other pests on this list act as vectors for spreading diseases like Salmonella and E. coli, but termites will literally eat a house, causing structural beams to collapse. We provide an extensive pest inspection in Townsville for past and present termite infestations, fully documented for your records. We effectively rid homes and sheds of termites and can apply and maintain a preventative barrier against future infestations.
  • Wasps. The danger of wasps is their aggressive nature when defending their nest. The stings are painful and can trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction in humans and pets. Wasps are tough insects and resistant to most off-the-shelve poisons, which is why we use special foggers to clear roof voids. It is also important to prevent re-nesting, so we always recommend lasting solutions to our clients.
  • Silverfish. Compared to cockroaches, silverfish are mainly just a nuisance, because they don’t spread disease. However, they tend to feed on books and clothes and other materials high in starch, so if left unchecked, they can cause considerable damage. The typical lifespan is three years, but DIY treatment effectively eradicates silverfish from the home. They are also controlled collaterally when we spray for other pests in the office.
  • Mosquitoes. The various species of mosquitoes can transmit diseases like Dengue fever, Australian encephalitis, Ross River virus disease, Barmah Forest virus disease and malaria. Mechanical control has proven the most effective, as well as encouraging a healthy ecosystem with frogs and fish in nearby ponds. We can also advise on the best strategies for controlling mosquitoes.
  • Flies. There are effective mechanical methods, like traps and fly-proof rubbish bins, to control fly numbers down to just a few strays.
  • Spiders. Some spiders are beneficial to humans, as they capture flying pests (mosquitoes, flies, etc.). Still, there are also highly poisonous species in Australia that are best not allowed to breed inside buildings. The easiest way to control the occurrence of both hunting and web spiders is to remove their food source. We spray the webs, which kills the spider and the eggs, but beyond that, regular cleaning is the best method to prevent re-nesting.
  • Bedbugs. Bedbugs do not spread disease, although their bites are unsightly, itches and may cause allergic reactions. We very successfully treat bedbugs with chemicals and mechanical methods, also assisting homeowners with best practice strategies.
  • Birds. Pigeons are more often a nuisance, especially when building nests under solar panels. Control consists of removing the old and fresh nests and the substantial layer of droppings, then securing the area with bird-proof netting and bird flashers.

About Maca's Pest Control in Townsville

We are a family business providing commercial and residential pest control services in Townsville and surrounding areas. We believe in continuous professional education, and our equipment is up to date. Nowhere else will you find a more dedicated team to eradicate pests and vermin from homes, shops, offices, and factories in Townsville.

Contact us immediately to discuss your problem, and we will provide the best solution for Townsville pest control.

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